About Scrapbooking in Singapore

What Is Scrapbooking?   


Scrapbooking is a journey of combining photos, memories into a scrapbook album. Scrapbooking has been a favourite for mothers and grandmothers as they record the passing of time with their photographs.


Be it whether the photographs are in black and white, Scrapbookers have embraced a new form of keeping their memories as keepsakes in the form of beautifully designed scrapbooks. Decorative designer papers coupled with flashy or vintage embellishments with easy peel stickers all culminate in a mosaic of creativity. New scrapbooking techniques, ideas and products are in great demand.


The future of scrapbooking will undoubtedly bring many more young scrapbookers into the field of scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a hobby for everyone. The beauty about scrapbooking is that it can express any emotions or experiences one has had be it love, sadness, joy to memories of graduation, wedding and family heritage.


Scrapbooking in Singapore has seen more hobbists taking up this hobby and Maple Treehouse is happy to share and spread the love of this hobby. 


Glossary: What do they mean?


    Acid Free

    Many papers are acid free after manufacture unless treated with a neutralising agent or chemical reactions with other substances that cause the paper to become more acidic over time. This will affect patterned papers and cause photos to yellow and break down. Most scrapbooking materials are safe for use but it is important to ensure that all adhesives and markers used are acid free. 


    Lignin Free

    Lignin is found naturally which holds wooden fibres together. Being Lignin Free is important for scrapbooking as it prevents the patterned paper from losing its strength as a cardstock or designer scrapbooking paper. Lignin is removed like acid during the manufacture of these scrapbooking papers. 


    Archival Quality

    Having an archival quality is important to a scapper. Having this label would indicate that the scrapbooking materials are free of acid and lignin. This is important when it comes to the lifetime preservation of the scrapbooking pages. Use our text to learn more about scrapbooking paperswithout fear of acidity or lignin presence. 




    Embellishments consist of a large variety of decorative elements that adds that touch of class and enhancement of your scrapbook pages. Embellishments include many elements commonly used in scrapbooking like eyelets, brads, nails, tags, stickers etc.

    As much as embellishments add the special touch to your scrapbook pages or cards, do remember, a balance must be achieve. Overdoing will end up making your scrapbook pages look tacky! 


    Idea Books


    Idea books usually cover many areas of scrapbooking usually about one aspect of scrapbooking. Some are written for particular scrapbooking themes (Wedding, Babies, etc.) while others are devoted to a particular scrapbook supplies product (Stickers, Die-cuts, Templates, etc). 

    Rubber Stamps


    A detailed, intricate design cut out of rubber and mounted on wood or foam. A design is made by applying coloured ink to the rubber and imprinting on paper.



     Why Scrapbook?

    Photos bear precious memories for us and Scrapbooking in Singapore is a growing hobby. Creating your own scrapbook page layout is a personal journalling that is unique to everyone of us. Create Scrapbook designs with an array of Scrapbooking Supplies made available at Maple Treehouse Singapore.


    Instead of keeping your precious memories in conventional photo albums, screating scrapbook pages will enhance these photos, preserving them with acid-free embellishments and Patterned Papers.  It's so easy. Creating scrapbooks is made easy here with us. Using so many various embellishments and scrapbook products, you can be sure to turn them into great looking scrapbook pages, 


    Scrapping your style your way gives and reveals the inner self. Using photos and the mere selection of them to the fine details of adding embellishmens and the scrapbook page layouts all ensure that each and every page remains unique. Unique designs make your day as you sit back and see the fruit of your labour.

    Check out wedding ideas and create wedding favours using your scrapbooking supplies. Please refer to this link to learn more about how you can complement your wedding theme with fantastic ideas be it retro, vintage, modern chic or even the 60s...



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