The All New MapleTreeHouse

About 3 months ago, we set out to bring a modern & fresh look to For the past years, we have been serving many of your amazing scrapbookers. We have grown through the years with you. 

It's about time we had a brand new, modern & fresh look to accompany the myriad of new tools, technologies and materials introduced to the world of scrapbooking. Mapletreehouse still remains the same at our core: serving you the best scrapbooking & crafting supplies at affordable, wholesale prices. 

Here's a look at our new & improved MAPLETREEHOUSE

When we worked with our designer, we knew that we wanted a modern look. It was not easy for us to express our thoughts and ideas but we had it all in our heads. Our designer, Huda, knew exactly what we had thought about and that was all that matters. 

Coming up with this new Brand was a long and hard process. We spent the first stage of our rebranding process focusing on the bigger purpose and reason as to why we do what we do. 

It all was worth it knowing that we now have a place to house all the things that matters to you, our customers. 

Now, let's talk about the whole look of our store. We knew that we wanted it to be simple and easy to navigate. We wanted the modern & fresh look to be seamless throughout. 

When we worked with Huda, we had a few rounds of iteration. She knew what we wanted, and worked together with us to produce this new site. 


What we love the most is that the site is functional and easy for you to navigate. At one look, you know exactly what you need. 

Searching has never been easier. You can now type in some search terms and recommendations will appear (with image!). Now, you'll be able to click what you want easily!

Just for Gold Members

Of course, we will never forget about our Gold Members. Now, when you log in, you'll see the price you will need to pay. No more confusing questions in your mind like "How much is it, actually?". The price you see at log in is the price you pay for being a Gold Member. 

When we redesigned the site, we knew that we wanted to make things so much simpler for you. It also ensures that you get to have the best price & privileges as a Gold Member. 

If you have are not yet a Gold Member, you can join here. It's really simple and quick!

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