Scrapbooking with Disney Supplies

                I am a huge Disney fan, and actually keep a fair amount of Disney scrapbook supplies on hand. I feel like using these types of layouts and embellishments allows me to create a playful and cute page without adhering to any stereotypes about the subject of the photos. I get my Disney scrapbook supplies from Singapore for the wholesale rates, quality and speed of delivery, however there are plenty of ways you can create your own Disney themes. This year, I created a few layouts for our summer vacation that I wanted to have a full and complete theme for. Since I knew there’d be a lot of photographs, I wanted to be sure that the layouts were nice to look at, but simple and clean in appearance. My first strategy was to take to my favorite scrapbook bloggers and see what types of layouts they had created!

Disney World Vacation

                My favorite way, by far, to document any type of memory is in a simple album. I prefer to use the post-bound ones, simply because I feel that they look nice and love how easily they can be decorated and enhanced by my other supplies. I am eager to pull together my own Disney scrapbook. I plan on taking advantage of the below tips, which I followed. You can place memorabilia is a little pocket that you stitch into the book, or otherwise incorporate. In fact, it is a great way to preserve memorabilia from anywhere!

Tips to Document YOUR Disney Vacation

                Journaling the memories is important to me as a scrapper. If it is just as important to you, you may want to work a bit harder to be able to recall the little details that really help to tell the story. I’ve had times where I couldn’t recall where we were, what we did that was so amazing or anything else. It is so frustrating and can really hinder my creative process. My first suggestion is to keep all of the memorabilia that you can. One of the first things you’ll get upon arriving at Disney is the check-in welcome packet. This packet contains resort information, a map of the entire place and a calendar. You can use these to know where you went, and what happened there at the very base of it all.

                There are tons of other items to collect as you explore the parks. You can find maps of each park, as well as even programs and cards. There is so much memorabilia that can be perfect for jogging your memory later on when you are working to scrap it all together. These can double as background papers, journaling cards and embellishments, so bring home a bag of it all!

                You’re lugging your camera around anyways, so take photographs of the signs you see. There are signs everywhere, literally all over the place. So take pictures of them. You’ll find some that are very informative, offering you a great list of facts about the area or animals. On the other hand, there are some that are just straight up hilarious, and you’ll find yourself laughing as you look back over them. You can use these to jog your mind about what you were doing and when you were there. The best part is that signs can be used as a journal card in any of your albums.

                You are guaranteed to be going out to eat while you’re there. Take photographs of the menus! These may be paper menus that you hold, or ones that are displayed across a screen. It can be a lot of fun to see what you ate, and how much it cost you. You’ll be able to recall what was so delicious at each area you dined in, how it looked and how much fun you had spending time there with your family.

                All of these bits and pieces work toward ensuring that your Disney scrapbook is amazing. Your vacation was magical, and your scrapbook should be able to capture that magical feeling you felt as you walked around the place. You can use these tips for scrapbooking any other vacation or event as well. You may find yourself bringing home tons of documentation of any trip you take. Don’t forget, you can use these items for referencing your time there, as well as embellishing your vacation photos. You can even scan them and print them out on photo paper to set them alongside your other fantastic photos.

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