Scrapbooking: Getting Your Items Wholesale

                One of the biggest reasons that I shop at Maple Treehouse is the fact that I can get all of my scrapbook paper whole Singapore. I love to have a steady collection of paper for my scrapbooks, considering the vast amount that I have gone through in the past. There is little that is more satisfying to me than to browse the wide range of patterns, solids and imagery that can be coordinated to create a gorgeous and clean layout design. I like patterned papers, but there are tons of different styles to choose from, particularly when you shop online like I do. For some of the best scrapbook paper wholesale around, Maple Treehouse is the way to.

Patterned Paper

                When you go shopping for scrapbook paper wholesale, you need to know a few things. First of all, wholesale typically gives you discounts at bulk rates. The way this works varies from site to site, however my preferred site doesn’t require that you buy in massive numbers to get these lowered prices! I hate feeling overstocked, but feeling understocked is just as bad, so I try to get more paper coming anytime that I am running low on supplies. There are many types of patterned papers out there that you can choose from.

                You can get patterned paper in paper packs or in books. Paper packs, referred to as bulk at most stores, typically holds 12 sheets. Books usually hold about 24-36 pieces of paper. They usually have 2 of each design that is in the packs. This is the ideal way to buy patterned paper because you can save yourself a lot of money while also getting plenty of paper that coordinates well together. This allows you to put the paper to use almost instantly, and use multiple patterns on a single page. There is a trick to choosing your patterns for your scrapbook page.

                The three tips that the professional scrappers take advantage of when choosing their paper are simple, go-to methods that anyone can enjoy. I like to match the clothes in the photo to the paper. For example, if there is a pink dress, a good choice would be to use pink paper. You can also match the background of the photo to the pattern. For example, should you be using a photo that was taken among flowers in a garden, florals are an excellent selection. Consider the overall theme of the photograph. Is the photograph from Independence Day, Christmas, Halloween or other holidays? Choose patterns that are suited to that day! Pumpkins are great for Halloween photos, while holly is perfect for Christmas.

                Don’t forget to stock up on cardstock papers. These are a must have if you are using patterned paper to create backgrounds. It can be easy to accidentally cause the pattern to override the focus of the main photograph. All you need to do is create space between the photograph and the background. You can do this using solid colored cardstock. A good one is to pair floral background with a photograph matted in green or black. If your pattern is bright or heavily done, you can use a wider photo mat, or simply double or triple mat the photograph that is the main focus.

Specialty Paper

                Specialty papers are a lot of fun to shop for and you can get them at some pretty great prices. There is Color Me papers, which are prints that are raised to resist colors. You get to decide the color of the paper with these, and it is so easy to do. Simply add the color of your choosing, swipe away the leftover color and bam! You have an awesome and gorgeous patterned paper. These work with inks, sprays, walnut inks, chalks and alcohol inks. You can also heat the paper, add embossing powder or enamel, and glitter or flock the pattern. You can mix colors or stick to a single one. It is all up to you.

                Foil papers are heavyweight featuring foiled designs. You can cut them into accent pieces or create background pages using them. They are great for giving your page a unique design that stands out from the crowd. There are flocked papers, which have a fuzzier texture over their design. They give dimension and are tactile. There are other types of textured papers as well which are lighter with richer colors and designs. You can find peacock, suede, glimmer and hammered papers. Finally, there is vellum. Vellum is translucent and lightweight. You can use it to mat photographs, add journaling and create embellishments. Adhesives and inks aren’t absorbed as quickly, and you need to take precautions to hide the glues beneath elements.

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