Finding the Right Scrapbook Ribbon for Your Theme

                Ribbons are amazing for embellishing your theme and photos. It can form a border around edges or photos, for example. You can find a ton of amazing ribbons online to choose from that will be perfect for your theme. However, the big question I want to answer tonight is how exactly you go about choosing a scrapbook ribbon for your scrapbook page. In addition, I will give you some of the best tips from the pros in the scrapbook world that can ensure your ribbon can withstand the test of time. Personally, I prefer to get my scrapbook ribbon from Singapore because of all the massive savings I can get!

Choosing Your Ribbon

                There are a ton of different ways that you can choose the best scrapbook ribbon for your layout. Ribbons are versatile, offering a wide range of ways to embellish your scrapbook. You can find them in tons of different colors, textures, styles and sizes. You can use ribbons to create your own shapes, allowing them to suit a wide number of themes depending on how you want to match them. You can keep ribbon leftovers from your hair ties, gift wrapping and other items to recycle for your scrapbook. For a girly theme, you can create your own flowers by gathering the ribbon together with a button in the center.

                One factor to consider as you pick out your ribbon is the overall theme and story you are trying to tell. Do you have a specific color scheme? Or are you using a topic instead? You can use green ribbons to create a tree for a Christmas scrapbook page. The tree is actually pretty easy to make. Simply take some green ribbon and miniature brads. Use glue to hold the ribbon down and tack down the brads. You can color the brads to make them look like ornaments. You can choose ribbons that match the color theme, or use stamps to create prints on the ribbons that match the style of the page. The possibilities are endless.

Using Ribbon for Scrapbooking

                You will need a good way to secure the ribbon onto your pages. There are several techniques, and the one you opt for should be suited to your layout. You can take long strands and string them along your page. Use double-sided tape to hold them down on the back of the page. If your strands are shorter, you can apply double-sided tape to your page and lay your ribbon atop it. You can use glue to glue it down in a similar way. Try punching holes in your page and stringing the ribbon through the holes. Pull them through the back to the front, and tie them in a knot or a bow. One great way to apply your ribbon is to use brads, staples, glue dots, eyelets or other items to hold them down.

                There are a number of ways you can utilize ribbon. You can use it to hang your page title across the top. If you use various letters to form the title, simply punch a hole in the top of each and string the ribbon through one by one. You can choose to hang them individually, or have them all dangling from the same ribbon. Use safety pins to hang embellishments from the ribbon. Slice slits in the paper and weave the ribbon through them for a cool appearance. You can tie your embellishments onto the paper with the ribbon. Use ribbons to secure bookplates or other items to the layout. Simply slide one through each end of the bookplate.


                Create frames with your ribbon. Simply take your photo and some strips of ribbons. Apply the strips around the edges of your photos to give it a standout look and feel. You can use varying length ribbons with different sizes to make an interesting frame. Place your photo on the top of the ribbon. You can also try create borders on your page. Take the ribbon and lay it along one side of the page as an attention getter for that section. Another option is to apply the ribbon to all sides of the page, or simply to one corner. Add some interest to your background using ribbons. Try taking different lengths of ribbon and setting the side by side in the same direction across the layout. Mix patterns or leave space between them for a unique look. You can also use ribbon to create accents, such as creating flower petals.

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