How to Make a Scrapbook Singapore

                I created this step by step guide to give you a deeper look at how to make a scrapbook. I break the steps down into something easy to follow for beginners while still allowing a refresher to those more advanced scrappers. A scrapbook, by definition, is an album in which you can preserve your best memories. Most pages have photos, titles, journaling and embellishing across a pretty layout. Overtime, scrapbooking has developed into a massive industry. There’s a wide variety of acid-free papers, adhesives, embellishments and other supplies that you can choose from when developing your own scrapbook. Your layouts are called scrapbooking layouts, and a collection of these form a scrapbook album. There are many go-to essentials, or the bare essentials, that you’ll need as you follow along this scrapbooking guide.

Bare Necessities

                You will need to have some cardstocks, which are typically solid colors. They can be plain or textured as you choose. Cardstocks are usually used to create backgrounds or to mount photos. You will need patterned papers that are acid-free. These have designs or prints across them, and can function as backgrounds, photo mats, accents and more. You will need some scissors for cropping and cutting, while adhesives are necessary for gluing things down to the page. You will need a journaling pen, preferably pigment ink that is waterproof, fade-resistant, acid-free and non-bleeding. There are many embellishments out there to choose from, such as brads, ribbons, buttons and more. Finally, you will need an album for scrapbooking.  The album contains your layouts which can be slipped into your albums for safe keeping.

How to Make a Scrapbook

                Your first task in scrapbooking is to brainstorm to determine a theme. With a theme in mind, you can determine the kind of pages you want to make later on. It also simplifies purchasing your supplies by allowing you to limit yourself to a specific theme. You can consider a wide range of things, such as school, your baby’s first year, graduation days or birthday parties. If you don’t have a specific theme in mind, you can create a general album to contain all the scrapbook pages you decide to make. You can sort them into different albums later if you want to.

                If you do choose a theme, you can write out a list of stories you want to tell or the memories you want to scrapbook about. This allows you to have a bigger picture for your scrapbook. If your theme is the first year that your baby exists, you can break the scrapbook into sections by month. You can put your favorite memories from each month or milestones along the way. You will need to pick out photos for your album if it is a themed one. To continue from the example above, you could choose a few photos from each month to attach to your scrapbook. If you don’t have a theme, you can simply choose the pictures that enhance the story you are telling with your general pages.

                With a theme-specific album, you need to choose elements for your page that unify the pages. Try arranging your layouts in different ways to see what works best to provide a clean and simple look to your overall book. Planning out designs can save time in making your pages and allow you to use your theme supplies to the utmost. Non-theme scrapbooks allow you to create pages as you please, however your inspiration encourages you. Just fiddle around with the elements and aim for a layout that is pleasing to the eye. Pre-planning different page layouts is a great way to prevent cropping photos incorrectly, running out of space or choosing a design that is ill-suited.

                You may need to crop your photos. Make light pencil strokes on the back and crop them to the right size using scissors. Whether or not you mat your photos is a matter of preference. Matting is meant to make your pictures stand out, leading the eye to the main picture and giving it a nice border. Cardstock, fabric, patterned papers and other items can work great as photo mats. If you’ve planned out your layout and elements, you can start gluing down the photos.

                Creating a page title supports your overall theme or topic. There are a ton of ways to design your title. It can be handwritten with creative swirls and embellishments. You can get stickers, stencils or stamps in the form of letters to create one. There are also digital titles that you can create or purchase. Journaling can be a major element to your story. You can add names, captions, quotes, dates, letters and really anything else that enhances your story. You can handwrite or print it out. If you choose to type it up, aim for easily read fonts, such as Times New Roman or Arial.

                Embellishments add decoration and creativity to your scrapbook page. Avoid adding too many embellishments, as these can distract from the story and photos. The embellishments are optional and come in a wide range of options. You can glue them down, sew them onto the page, and tie them with ribbons or any other way. Once you’re all done with your page, simply slip into the scrapbook!

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