Using a Gift Voucher for Scrapbook Supplies Online

                Want to get the perfect gift for your favorite scrapper? Chances are they have a favorite scrapbook store online Singapore, and that same store offers some great gift vouchers to choose from. No matter the occasion, be it birthday, celebration, anniversary, congratulations or just because, they will always benefit from a fantastic gift card for scrapbooking supplies. If you’re shopping for that special scrapper in your life, you already know what they want: more things for scrapbooking! Here’s some tips on making sure that you get the right voucher at the right shop for them to spend at their preferred scrapbook store online.

How to Choose a Gift Card

                You can find gift cards that are suited to a wide range of occasions with some gorgeous designs online. These gift cards can be sent as physical vouchers or as e-gift card vouchers. Usually, when you send an electronic gift card, your recipient will be given a code to use at the scrapbook store. If it is sent as a physical card, they usually should receive it within a week or two. It will allow them to shop online using the code on the card. Many prefer to use online gift cards instead of physical ones since many scrappers today shop online at their favorite scrapbook store instead of at a physical store.

How to Decide How Much to Send

                It can be daunting to look at the blank space or different denominations to decide how much you should place on the gift card. It all depends on the person you are gifting the voucher to. Try spending some time putting yourself in their shoes. Browse their chosen online store, and look at the prices of the basics. Is there anything on there that is more expensive that they may have hinted at desiring? If so, you may have found the golden number as far as what to send them! If not, well, it will definitely take a bit more time. I have a personal rule of thumb to follow when it comes to picking out denominations for gift cards.

                I take a look around the store and see what the least expensive and most expensive items are. I try to ensure that with my single gift card, they are able to purchase several smaller items or one big item. This doesn’t necessarily mean get enough to where they can get the most expensive item (though it doesn’t mean that you can’t, if you’re seeking some extra brownie points). Remember though, a meaningful gift card is one that is thoughtful. If you have $10 to your name, and you send them $5, that is a big deal and a huge gesture. If you have $1,000 to your name, and you send them $5, well, that is just being a cheap skate. Instead, find a steady medium and realize that, no matter what, they will be thrilled to receive it and will eagerly be spending it at their favorite store.

When Gift Cards are Wise

                There are many different occasions that can call for sending an online gift voucher. The most common cause is for a birthday. If your birthday girl or boy or whatever is huge into scrapbooking, well, you’ve already figured out what to get them! They may have their eye on a particular scrapbook paper or album. They may need more glue, paper punches or other items. They might be running low on photo mounts, markers, inks or embellishments. No matter what they need, they can use the gift voucher to get. Make their birthday special by being the one to realize what they really want for their birthday.

                Other common times that people send gift cards are to apologize, offer their thanks and offer a congratulations. If your child or teen has been doing particularly good in class or in home life, it may call for a gift voucher to allow them to get some nice new papers and other items they may need. They may simply feel like being nice and friendly, so they send it over. It could be a ‘thinking of you’ type of thing, similar to those Hallmark cards but far more useful. They may be heading to college and you want to encourage them to do their best! It could be any reason under the sun. They will be so thrilled and happy, joyfully scrolling through their favorite website and picking out new fabrics, tools, equipment and scrapping supplies.

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