Scrapbook Storage: Organizing Your Studio and Books

                Papers are stacked and piled together in various areas of the room. Pens, markers and glues litter the desk that scrapbooks are created on. Embellishments are haphazardly shoved into drawers, and cardstock is precariously arranged on shelves. Hunting down the necessary papers, embellishments and other tools takes a lot of time and rooting around, sometimes leading to a lack of inspiration once the items are found. If the items are found. Does this sound familiar to you? I just described my workspace, well the way it looked only a few months ago. Luckily, I managed to find some great ways to organize with scrapbook storage Singapore.

Get Organized: Paper

                Don’t let yourself feel too stressed out. It’s best to tackle each aspect of organization one by one. I started off by sorting my papers based on three major groups, and then sorted them into even smaller groups. The three majors are themes (alphabetically) holidays and seasons, and the rainbow. You need to get a storage box, storage sheets and dividers to better organize yourself without mixing everything up. You need to make a list of themes that you care about, such as beach, camping, sports and birthdays. You can have a wide range of themes, or a smaller one, depending on what you, as a crafter, prefer.

                Now, gather your storage boxes. There should be instructions at the bottom that will tell you how to best put them to use. Label them using sticky notes, this way you can change them whenever you please. This is for the first part of sorting. You’re free to label them permanently with real labels once you are completely done. Some even decorate their boxes which can be a lot of fun! You’ll have to start sorting these larger groups into smaller batches, allowing you to find specific papers easier. I’d say aim for a 2-4 inch stack of each smaller group. Store collections into the single pocket pages to keep them together, and label them. Simply repeat this until all of your papers are organized into categories.

Get Organized: Tools

                There are some great ways to organize your scrapbook tools in a way that makes them easy to look through for exactly what you need. My favorite means of scrapbook storage is to use wicker baskets and containers. I have it arranged so that I can fit all of my supplies into just a few storage spots. The wicker basket contains my essentials, which are things like my paper trimmer, adhesives, cardstock, writing materials, scissors, notes, tape, blank labels and a corner rounder. It allows me to keep track of what I need to replenish, as well as easily dig through it to find the right tools. I use small cups to keep pens and markers together.

                I use a small wooden crate for cards. Simply sort through them into groups by color, which is a good start. I follow up by dividing them into sub-groups based on card type. I keep dividers in place to separate the groups, labelling them by color and type. This makes it way easier to assemble pages and find the necessary cards that are best suited to my pages. Anything else that I use, such as sheet protectors, I keep in a binder that I place in my desk drawer. By organizing my tools and cards, I’ve been able to keep my work space relatively clear, other than when I am in the process of working. It also makes clean up a breeze because everything has its own specific place.

Get Organized: Embellishments

                There are a number of ways to organize your embellishments. I have a system in which I sort them all based on textures, categories, styles and colors. Depending on the type of embellishment, I have a different means of storing them. I keep my buttons and brads in jars. My ribbons remain in larger jars, carefully twined to keep them from tangling up. If the embellishments are flat, I keep them in separate plastic sheet protectors with labels depending on if they are for certain themes, colors and so on. You can always get those little drawers, which typically have about three drawers in them. These are great for sorting embellishments by size and color.

                Keeping your scrapbook room organized is the best way to ensure that your materials and tools don’t get lost. You can ensure that you are able to quickly and easily find your tools.

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