Scrapbook Accessories and Tools

                There are so many extras that you can get to add to your collection of supplies for scrapbooking. It can make it hard to know what products are best for you to get. Each one provides a mess of benefits, and it can take days to pick out your favorite colors, designs and patterns. To prevent the amount of hunting you’d need to do, I created this list of must-have scrapbook accessories Singapore, all of which can be purchased from here at the lowest prices I’ve seen in a long time. In addition, I want to go over the reason these are so valuable.

Looking for Supplies to Scrapbook

                There are few rules to scrapbooking, if any at all really. Everyone has their own methods to picking things out, but there are some tips that hold true for us all when it comes to hunting down the best scrapbook accessories. Always get items that are acid-free, including paper and embellishments. Acid can cause your pictures to fade, change colors, darken and decay as time passes. Your goal with a scrapbook is preservation, so using acid-free paper is vital. To see how acidic the paper is, check the pH levels. Anything over a pH of 7 is okay to use as the higher the pH is, the less acid is present.

                Keep an eye out for these key terms: archival safe, lignin-free, non-toxic. Paper that is archival safe has between a 7 and 8.5 pH level. This level is “neutral”, so it won’t have a reaction with objects. Lignin-free paper lacks lignin. Lignin can turn paper yellow as a result of light and heat. These are some of the easiest ways to be sure that you are using durable and long-lasting scrapbook supplies. These will allow you to rest assured that your scrapbook will remain steady throughout time.

Main Tools

                Let’s give the main tools for scrapbooking a quick go over. You need to have a scrapbook, which comes in post-bound, ring binders and journals. You can pick whichever you prefer. The post-bound has pages that are kept together using a metal post. The pages are usually protected with plastic, and you can add more pages or move them around as you please. Ring binders are the kind from school. These are best for larger projects. Journals are great for smaller projects that don’t need a ton of pages. You will also need cardstock and paper. There are patterned paper, papers made from special material such as plant fiber or vellum, as well as heavier cardstocks.

Other Accessories

                One of the important supplies for scrapbooking is a cutting tool. You can use scissors, slicers, trimmers, rotary cutters or xacto knives. Scissors are the most basic, and should be of good quality and sharp. Paper trimmers allow you to easily cut in a straight line, resizing your papers and creating various unique shapes in your paper. Xacto knives are great for quick and straight cutting. Cutting tools aren’t all you need either.

                You need adhesives! I made an entire nifty post about glue dots, but really there is a lot more to adhesives than just glue dots. It is vital that you have a simple yet permanent means of attaching your pictures and embellishments. You need adhesives that are safe for your photos. Let’s go over the different options. As I mentioned before, there are glue dots. These are good for smaller details, such as embellishments or strangely shaped items. When you get some, they are in a roll and measured for you. All you do is stick it to the page, add your item and voila! There are tape runners, which is a long strip wrapped into a dispenser for smooth application. Glue sticks can work well for keeping your project clean and attached. You can get decorative tape, such as with patterns, glitter and more. It is fun, easy and clean.

                I’m sure you were eagerly waiting for me to get to embellishments. This is one of the most fun aspects of scrapbooking. There are tons of different embellishments, and you don’t even have to buy them. You can find a bunch just laying around at home, or pick up the perfect embellishments online. Experiment with different embellishments, such as patterned paper, textures, stamps, color and more. You don’t have to limit yourself, but you also don’t need to feel pressured to use embellishments. There are many scrappers who don’t use them, and they create beautiful layouts.

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