Which Embellishments to Use for Your Scrapbook

                Scrapbook is to embellishment as pie is to whipped cream, it just wouldn’t be the same without it. You can get some incredible scrapbook embellishments from Singapore here. Embellishments are a lot of fun, and come in a wide array of appearances, textures, colors and styles. There are simple ones, and there are complex ones. You can use buttons, pins, clips and many other random items from around the household as embellishments, as well as create chips out of board to give yourself a rustic title. There are limitless ways that you can use embellishments to add spice and depth to your scrapbook. Embellishments are vital to your scrapbook when you want to really pull together the theme or give it some flair.

How to Pick Your Embellishments

                A little bit of glam can go a long way when it comes to making your scrapbook dazzle. It isn’t uncommon for beginner scrappers to fill the entire page in an attempt to really “wow” the viewer. However, it commonly leads to an overflow of different stickers, patterns and images that can overwhelm and confuse. Part of this is a lack of experience, but it’s mostly because embellishing is too much fun. We’ve all been there at one point or another. The key to embellishing is to pick your scrapbook embellishments after you’ve chosen the background and your photos. You need to choose just a few of them, and place them down for a moment to see how they affect the page. Do they enhance it or do they take away from the main point? You can also use this moment to choose between grouping them together or if you should disperse them across the page.

                One major rule to embellishing your scrapbook is to be picky about the ones you select. There are so many different types of embellishments that you can mix and match, such as beads, braids, twine, stickers and so on. Using too many different types can harm your page, leaving chaos in its wake. Professional scrappers suggest sticking to 3 types of embellishments for each spread. You can use more than a single one of each type you choose, but be careful to not overwhelm the page with embellishments. In addition, be selective about the types you use. The embellishments need to be acid-free to ensure they don’t yellow your pages or flake off.

Embellishment Types

                Experiment with different embellishments. You can find many around the house, as well as for cheap prices at Maple Treehouse. Beads can be a great way to provide emphasis. Many scrappers use them to give centers to their flowers, though these are often better for cards and other crafts. Brads, or miniature fasteners, are used for special effects. You can color them and use them to affix die cuts to the page. Flat buttons can give a super cute appearance and feel to different pages. Charms, if they are flat, are great to use with scrapbooking. They can add a special look. Confetti is just fun, and can be used to emphasize the main focal point. Die cuts are made from a variety of paper types and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and themes. Eyelets comes in a ton of different shapes that can add fun to your page. They are colorful, metal shapes that have a hole in the center.

                You can use foam shapes and letters to add dimension to your scrapbook. You can make popping titles or use them similar to stickers. Glitter glue adds texture and sparkle to your page. You can create swirls or frame stickers or pictures. Journal tags are a great way to save space for journaling. You can use metal photo corners to add photos. This is great in case you ever want to remove the picture later on. You can create pockets on your page, which can be used to hold photos, tickets, recipes and other items. Pressed flowers add beauty and delicateness to your page. Punches are great. You can create a variety of shapes in different sizes. You can use it to make leaves or other shapes for your scrapbook. Ribbon and twine makes for a beautiful border, bows and interactive pieces, such as balloon strings. You can use sequins to embellish your photos or page. Stickers are simple, and can easily match any theme. Word bands, which are kind of like stickers, typically have a single word or a phrase. They can be great for adding some cheekiness or hilarity to your page.

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