Scrapbook Die Cuts: Create and Remember Forever

                Before we get into how die cuts work, you need to understand what a die cut is and how it differs from a die. A die cut is typically made from cardstock and is cut into a shape for decoration. They can be in any shape in the world! Some are more complicated with great detail and layers of cardstock and color. In comparison, a die is a cutting tool that is used to make die cuts manually. You can get a ton of scrapbook die cuts in Singapore from Maple Treehouse, a great site that offers cheap and affordable scrapbook materials.

The Importance of Scrapbook Die Cuts

                Die cuts are very versatile, offering scrappers a wide range of options when putting these embellishments to work. They are lightweight, flat paper crafted pieces which you can customize as you please using layers, distressing strategies, inks and more. You can choose shapes that are pre-made and will suit your theme very well. In addition, they can substitute for stamps and stencils if you need them to! There are literally hundreds of amazing uses for die cuts that can add a lot of flair to your work. You have to get die cuts from a specialty store, such as Maple Treehouse, and they typically range from $0.15 to $0.30 each or as much as $5. Usually, die cuts on the lower side of the pricing are basic shapes while pricier ones are more intricate and detailed.

Die vs Die Cuts

                Dies are significantly more expensive than pre-made die cuts. At Maple Treehouse, Sizzix machines range from $181 to $575. Dies in the shapes you want can range from $8 to $20. In comparison, you can acquire die cuts for relatively cheap. Beginners may find it hard to make up their mind based on price alone, though pricing should indeed be a particularly important aspect of the decision. Some find that creating die cuts are the most frustrating parts of scrapbooking. Die cuts are cheap and can be easily stored. However, die cutting machines do offer some benefits, such as creating whatever die cuts you want at your personal convenience.

Die Cuts with Glitter Tape

                One of the favorite blogs is Craft Channel, which is run by Heidi Swapp. She had one particularly amazing video about die cuts and glitter tape. A basic run down of necessary supplies is glitter tape (2 inches) metal word dies and a manual die cut machine. Start by cutting the tape to the length of the die and use the machine on ‘thick paper’. Simply set the die on the shim, run it through and remove the word from the die. Now you have a sticker for your project! Isn’t that totally awesome? It is a great way to attach dies with ease to any type of paper, and it will stay durable and stable.


                Embellishments can serve practical purposes while adding decoration to your overall project. You can create a simple and cute album with a front flap using a die cut to create the closure. All you need is a die cut and a piece of Velcro, though you can use additional embellishments, such as rhinestones. Gather the above items together with your album. Use liquid adhesive and apply it to the Velcro. You can make sure the alignment is proper by adding the second Velcro piece. Once the piece is dry, you can add ribbon or other embellishments to jazz it up.

Go 3 Dimensional

                You can give your scrapbook cover or pages a 3D appearance. You can use any kind of shape to create this effect, giving you album a greater sense of depth and dimension. You can create one yourself or purchase one pre-made that is suited to the basic theme. If you make one, you just have to layer paper atop one another. If you buy it premade, it needs to be one with a thicker edge.


                You can always add onto the die cuts that you have! Don’t fear adding some chalk, stickers or stamps to jazz up your favorite die cuts. Adding a bit of glam to your cuts can strengthen your theme and make the die cuts look even more incredible.

Stylize and Alter

                You can give your die cuts a unique look, such as worn, using sand paper. You can also try steel wool. Simply rub these against the die cut to give it a rougher look. You can add glitter for a more feminine feel.

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