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                It may sound boring to talk solely about adhesives, yet these are completely necessary to scrapbooking. My list for scrapbooking must-haves, in order, is pictures, paper, pen and adhesives. Yes, there are things that follow adhesive, but we are focusing on that fourth must-have item. Many scrappers that are just starting out wonder about the best adhesive they can use for their scrapbook, and may feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of adhesive products that are available to choose from. Each product seems to have its own purpose. There are a ton of different options to choose from, and it’s best to pick something that works for you. Most scrappers have a toolbox that has a wide range of adhesives, such as glue dots, tape runners and so on.

Types of Adhesives

                With so many adhesives, it’s good to know what your options are. I have a tape runner, glue dots, liquid glue, pop dots, red liner tape and staplers. However, there are even more than just these useful adhesives out there. Below is a basic summarization of what’s what and, even better, when you should use these adhesives to get the maximum effect.

Tape Runner

                A tape runner is so easy to use. These are plastic dispensers that have double-sided tape rolled up within them. These are highly convenient and can be taken anywhere with ease. You can easily use them to attach pictures to paper, and said paper to other paper. These aren’t necessarily good for the things that need something stronger, but they are good for day to day use. With a tape runner, you only need to attach the adhesive to each corner and in the center. You can find heavy duty tape runners for those projects that need a bit more strength.

Adhesives Glue Dots

                Glue dots are small drops of a glue-like adhesive, which is just like the name sounds. They are on a piece of wax or plastic to keep them from activating until you use them to stick onto just about anything. Glue dots are heavy duty in comparison to tape runners, and are great for adding embellishments. You can use them on wood, metal, paper, plastic and chipboards. Many scrappers prefer to use glue dots for adding flair in the form of ribbons, buttons and 3D embellishments. You should have a number of different sized glue dots to get the full effect and be able to use them on a wider range of items.

Foam Squares

                Foam squares or ‘pop dots’ are pretty nifty. They are 3D adhesives that are meant to make the item “pop” up from the page. They push the image or embellishment, or whatever else you use it for, upward and gives the whole page a new dimension. You can get them in ½ square or ¼ square, and both of these sizes are around 1/8 of an inch high. These are great for mini books and other projects that are going to be placed into a page protector.


                We all know what a stapler is. They are useful, giving you versatility and strength. You can use a stapler to pull together a project with some level of speed and haste. Personally, I use my stapler for tags, ribbon and smaller embellishments rather than the big stuff. You can use sharpie to color the staples, or pick up colored staples from just about any shop!

Liquid Glue

                Liquid glue is glue that is liquid, obviously. Some of the more common uses is to apply it to wood veneer for embellishments. Liquid glues are awesome in some ways, not so awesome in other ways. You can use it easily and on just about anything, including a variety of surfaces that you may otherwise not be able to. The down side is that liquid glue takes some time to dry, and it can be a while before you can progress with your project. This is actually one of the main reasons I don’t use liquid glue very often.

Sewing Machine

                You can create a fantastic look using a sewing machine, and not everyone thinks to try this out. You can make pockets for your scrapbook to hold embellishments, pictures and other forms of memorabilia. You can use these on plastic page protectors to create see through pockets that allow these items to just float around. You can use it to layer papers, add texture, attach ribbon and fabrics to the pages and more.

                Above anything else, my go to product is the glue dots. They are easy to use and stick to just about anything. Adhesives glue dots make my scrapbooking world go round.

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