Save Money: Find Your Scrapbook Supplies for Wholesale Online

                There is a ton of incredible wholesale scrapbooking supplies Singapore at this online store. I recommend them for a number of reasons, but particularly because of their unwavering ability to deliver high quality goods at low quality prices. As more products are released regularly, you can find a number of beautiful scrapbook sheets, die cuts, embellishments and more at low rates that can easily reach Singapore. There are a number of reasons that it’s ideal to shop online for wholesale scrapbooking supplies. As products are developed, they are made available instantly at vanrental. If you’re looking for a great way to avoid over spending on your favorite hobby, and potentially get the hubby off your case, you have come to the perfect place to make that happen.

How to Save Money on Scrapbooking

                We offer even more tips for those of us that love scrapbooking so much it has become difficult to maintain a steady balance of spending and scrapbooking. In fact, there are some who spend hundreds on their supplies regularly, and even more who have supplies leftover and simply continue to shop. It can become a problem for those of us who cannot afford the expenses so easily. Scrapbooking can quickly become quite expensive, what with the different papers, embellishments, pens and other intriguing supplies that are available today. Read on for a great list of methods that can help lighten the load on your wallet.


                You can create your own, customized scrapbook papers using your scanner or copier. Put down some clear plastic over the bed beforehand in order to keep it safe. Gather materials together. These can be anything at all, even cookies or yarn or birdseed. Put these onto the sheet and copy it! You will then have some incredibly realistic looking background papers that can really put that finishing touch on your scrapbook layout.

Wallpaper Sampling

                One scrapper uses the free wallpaper books that she picks up from the store or gets in the mail. They are completely free, earth friendly and offer a wide variety of appearances. You can simultaneously create unique papers for your photos and help the environment. You may have to phone the wallpaper store to see about getting those wallpaper books as not every place mails them out.


                You can create your own glitter paper with ease. Simply seek out the type of paper and background you’re after. Get some glitter glue, and apply it to the paper! They can come out looking glamorous and glittery, leaving you with an amazing background layout at a fraction of the cost.

Grunge it Up

                If you’re a fan of grungy backgrounds, you are in luck. I found a simple, speedy method of creating some grungy effects in a matter of 15 minutes. You’ll need white cardstock, tacky glue, an ink pad, a makeup sponge and, if you are so inclined, some stamps. Use the cardstock and dot the glue over the entire thing. Use your finger to spread the glue out a bit, but don’t cover the whole thing. Give it 5 minutes to set and take your makeup sponge, dab it into the ink and swirl it over the entire paper. If you choose to, you can use a stamp to put something on top of the ink.


                You can save money on embellishments by holding onto little things, such as leftover ribbon, spare buttons and other decorations that come with clothing. It adds a little familiarity and personalization while saving you a bit of money to boot.


                If you are the type to cut away part of photos, save these for later use. You can just use a punch to make these scraps into shapes that can be used for empty spaces.

Buy What Is Needed Right Now

                Buy what you need, not what you think you will need at some point. If you pick up a scrapbooking kit, it is unlikely that it will even suit your tastes. Simply take your time, use what you have on hand and pick up any additional materials that you find you’d need, such as pens or markers.

Have a Party

                If you have friends that love scrapbooking, have a party with them! You can swap ideas, share tools and learn from one another. It’s a great way to see what you’d really need when you decide to go shopping for scrapbook materials. In fact, some partygoers even like to trade papers and stickers with one another.

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