How to Make Your Own Scrapbook: Beginner’s Guide

                You can make your own scrapbook Singapore. You don’t need to go and buy a pre-made album or anything, which many scrappers feel hinders the creative process. There are so many things that most wish they had known before they started scrapbooking, instead taking lessons the hard way as they develop their skills solo. I spoke with a number of experienced scrappers to attempt to give you a boost in the playing field! Here you can learn the best tips and pieces of wisdom to make your own scrapbook without falling victim to a number of typical mistakes.

What You Should Know Beforehand

                I can’t tell you how many scrappers started cutting their pictures into a variety of shapes, such as hearts, or simply removed the background completely. It completely ruins the photos, making it harder to retain them for memory’s sake, but it also makes it more difficult to fit them into your scrapbooking album. When you are first starting to scrapbook, don’t use wedding pictures or baby pictures. Instead, use your newest photos that you have copies of or negatives to make more. Avoid purchasing a ton of materials. They are not going anywhere, and you will always be able to find more.

                You should always put journaling onto your page. It is more important than many people realize. You can question yourself in your pictures, but journaling allows you that insight to your past self. You can see the way you’ve changed, grown and developed. You do not have to use all the photos you have. Really, your page only needs 2-3 of the best photos. Keep the rest stored away safe and sound. When you want to shop for materials, make a list and stick to that list. It minimizes excessive spending and you can be sure that you are getting what you need. You don’t really need to use a ton of embellishments and stickers. As you become more experienced, you may find that the best pages are minimalistic. Put more energy into journaling than title making.

                Finally, don’t feel pressured to create a ton of incredible pages. Yes, masterpiece pages look incredible, but they are often extremely intimidating for a beginner scrapper. You do not have to make visual works of art, period. In fact, stick to using those magazines and sites for inspiration if you can. The people who make these pages usually have been scrapping for years and years. Instead, focus on the fun and fulfillment of scrapbooking. You can learn along the way, and have a ton of fun with the pages that you make.

Make Your Own Scrapbook

                For starters, you need to choose a scrapbook that fits your style. There are several options that people commonly select, though you can use just about anything that holds paper. One popular style is the 3-ring binder. Binders can be easily stored, and you can add pages or take pages away as you please. In addition, you can slip your pages into protective sheets that are made for the rings. It isn’t ideal for 2-page layouts because of the gap, however it is still effective. Post-bound scrapbooks use metal posts to be screwed together. You can still add pages anywhere, and the 2-page layouts flow seamlessly together. There are albums that are bound with a set number of pages. You will need to plan your pages thoroughly to prevent making mistakes. These albums don’t come with protective sheets, but you can use bulkier embellishments and add envelopes to pages.

                Choose a size for your scrapbook. There are two standard sizes. 8.5”x11” albums are the more economical selection because these size sheets are cheap, the papers are smaller and you can easily find sheet protectors to fit them. 12”x12” albums are pretty popular these days. There are special background papers that can be found in this size, and more photos can be attached to the pages. Finally, you can find specialty sized ones, such as coffee-table book-sized albums, as well as pocket sized. These are ideal for albums that are for a single event.

                When it comes time to choosing your paper, you may feel overwhelmed. There are tons of decorative papers out there, with themes and patterns. You should choose what you like or what would suit themes you have in mind for future use. You will need to get a few basic tools for scrapbooking, though you may find other items you need as you progress in scrapbooking. Scissors are important, and you need a pair that is high quality, straight-edge and sharp. You will need glue, preferably a glue stick since these are simple, cheap and effective. Finally, you will need cardstock, which come in packs and colors. You should also prepare your decoration box, which allow you to create intricate themes and details. You may want plastic stencils, markers and embellishments.

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