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                We offer a variety of events that you can book or get involved in! In some cases, we can travel straight to you. We offer our scrapbooking events in Singapore. We offer classes in creating memory books, as well as corporate events, private events and wedding events. These are carefully coordinated to suit the needs of the party, be it team building or simply commemorating the day. Events are held all the time for scrapbooking, and they can be a lot of fun! Read on to get a better understanding of the types of things that go on at a scrapbook event.

Classes and Learning

                One of the most important things that goes on at a scrapbooking event is learning. We offer information to newcomers and more experienced scrappers to get the creative juices flowing. You can learn all about creating a layout from a few pieces of paper and saving money on scrapbooking materials. We go over the benefits of scrapbooking, including how relaxing it can be and the social aspects that have made the industry the booming success that it is today. We even offer demonstrations in which we create layouts lightning fast, breaking down the process step by step and guiding our visitors in how to best decide on a layout for the photos you have in mind.

Wedding Events

                We hold wedding events for people who want to learn the best way to scrapbook their or any other upcoming wedding. They may be wanting to take old photos from their special day and pool them together into an amazing and beautiful scrapbook. Others know that these can be incredible gifts for anniversaries or a newly-wed couple. One of the first tips we suggest is to take a ton of pictures. You never know when you’ll snap that perfectly candid shot that comes out in amazing beauty and just needs to be put into the book. The more pictures you have, the easier it is to choose the perfect ones for your scrapbook. If you choose to book such an event, you should definitely come prepared with an album. We will help you coordinate your album with a solid theme that perfectly captures the feelings of the day. There are tons of ways to organize a theme, even down to using the same journaling font or the same background color.

                In addition, we teach you to organize your album in a way that is most suited to your personality and style. Some prefer to order it chronologically in order to convey the story behind the wedding. These typically incorporate photos from when the couple first met, engagement photos and announcements and other pre-wedding memorabilia. In addition, there is often a story of the proposal, pictures from dress shopping, planning the wedding and the shower, the rehearsals and dinners, and finally, the wedding day. Of course, it can go beyond that to include the reception, with that all important first dance as a married couple, the official announcements and the events that happened after the wedding.

Corporate Events

                Scrapbooking can make a fantastic corporate event. It can encourage team building, communication, working together and getting to know one another. Many bosses organize a retreat and just as many have gone with scrapbooking as the ones who have opted for camping. One of the great things about organizing a corporate event is that these can take place anywhere in the world. Some choose to set up a cruise, such as the Royal Caribbean who is offering an amazing deal for June 2016. During these cruises and events, we hold classes and workshops, as well as fantastic dinners and fun for employers and employees to get to know another, become more friendly and develop a trust-filled bond together. Corporate events can be the glue that makes a company really work together, plus everyone gets a short break from the hustle and bustle of the office. It is almost like a vacation for the group, allowing them to feel good about their co-workers and bosses alike.

                During these events, we encourage intermingling between ranks and levels. During our workshops, we discuss the ways that scrapbooking together can be applicable to work life. In the same way that we share photos and ideas for the scrapbook, we can share ideas and goals at work. This is rarely stressed enough at work, making employees feel like meaningless cogs in the overall scheme of things. Show your workers that you appreciate and value them by booking an event.

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