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                We absolutely love scrapbook paper. I don’t know if it’s the wide variety that is available or what, but there is something so exciting about getting new paper to use. You can choose between tons of patterns, sizes, textures and so on. For some of us, it’s deeply integrated into our personality and interests because of our parents or grandparents. Scrapbooks offer people a fun, creative, personal way to keep their photos and memories together. What’s more is that there is no one way to scrapbook, which allows for it to be just as creative as any other arts and crafts project. You should never be concerned about the materials and style of your scrapbook because it is all about doing it the way YOU want to.

A Quick History Lesson on Scrapbooking

                Scrapbooking has been popular since the 15th century with an origination in Europe. People used them compile recipes, letters, quotes, poetry and so much more. These were called commonplace books back then, and they were created to best suit the interests of the creator. The following century came friendship albums, which are actually a lot like yearbooks. People would write and draw in them. It wasn’t long before embellishments in the form of colored plates with popular scenes on them were created and sold.  Overtime, the world developed and we were allowed even more ways to personalize and create scrapbooks. Marielen Christensen is credited with the industrialization of scrapbooking. She created scrapbook paper for friends and family, and even created a book called Keeping Memories Alive that explained all the ins and outs of scrapbooking.


                Scrapbooking as a hobby caught fire across the world. There are many reasons that people adore and love to scrapbook. Scrappers have been known to gather together in each other’s homes, as well as a ton of other places, to share ideas, tips and scrapbook together. The fun provided scrappers with more than just something to do, it built social skills, created friendships that lasted a lifetime and provided a fantastic social outlet. People held conventions, books cruises and set up retreat centers to offer classes and scrapbooking days to their friends and strangers alike. Now, there are many shops organized to provide all the materials you need to scrapbook freely.

                We are in a technology-enriched age now. Scrapbooking is entering into a new phase of its life. Some prefer to stick to the traditional method of scrapbooking, however there are more methods available these days. Memory keeping isn’t dying, in fact it is expanding! People have begun to take part in pocket scrapbooking, which is a fascinating system that allows you to document your daily life and special moments in a flexible way that gives you all the time you need to complete your scrapbook. In fact, there are a ton of ways for scrappers to enjoy scrapbooking now. You can create your own visual diary, packed with your memories, thoughts and feelings in a creative outlet.


                Honestly, the ultimately most important material you need when you want to scrapbook is the album. You have a ton of options to choose from, too. You can create one yourself using a binder and insertion sheets. You can purchase a bound one online and decorate it as you please. Most people use 12 inch square pages to scrapbook, though smaller albums have become popular as well. You should always have a stash of clear page protectors to keep your pictures and artwork completely safe. Other common materials that you should keep a good stash of are scrapbook papers for backgrounds, like printed sheets and cardstock paper), scissors, art pens, mounting glue, paper trimmers, photo corner mounts and archival pens in case you want to journal in it. Some like to create elaborate decorations and designs using rubber stamps, craft punches, inking tools, heat embossing tools, die cut templates and die cut machines. You can use these very tools to create your own backgrounds, embellishments and textures.

                Digital scrapbooking requires a set of tools of its own, though you can use many of the same ones if you were to choose to create them by hand and scan the pages into your computer. You can publish your works online as a digital scrapbook (or computer scrapbook). You have more materials you can access and save money along the way, as well as reduce your impact on the environment. In addition, you can share pages easily worldwide and you can test out a variety of layouts without harming your pictures.

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