Scrapbook Punches Singapore

                Scrapbook punches are a great way to add flair and effect to your scrapbook! It is one of the most fun tools that scrapbookers can enjoy and take advantage of. The whole point to punches are to create shapes of all kinds that can perfectly accent your chosen ‘theme’ for your memory book. Many bookers share their unique, creative ideas for how one can use their favorite puncher. Before I get into all of that, however, I wanted to cover the different shapes and styles that you can purchase for cheap from our preferred site! There are so many interesting shapes and the ones that you may consider typical (until you read on to see the imaginative ways that you can use them). Some people love to use punches to create wedding scrapbooks or even simple day to day scrapbooks, while others may seek out the use of them to add flair to their layouts or covers.

Unique Ways to Use Your Scrapbook Punches

                You can create the perfect winter or holiday theme using them! Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, you can find ways to form the perfect Christmas background or add a bit of Chanukah spirit to your layout. You simply need to have punches that can work together. For the Christmas layout, for example, you simply need a few shapes. You can get a fantastic tree-shaped punch to cut out a tree shape into a white sheet of paper. From there, you can layer the white over leftover paper scraps to use your leftovers up! For a Chanukah layout, you can get creative with a square punch to create your own dreidel! Don’t forget to cut out or draw on the symbols for Nun, Gimel, He and Shin. You can create snowmen using a circle punch and a scallop circle.

                Planning on creating a baby scrapbook? Many mothers and fathers adore having a scrapbook from their baby’s childhood, starting from before birth typically. You can create some lovely baby punch art for the cover, or even just to add to a layout. All you need is a large circle punch, a standard hole punch, a smaller circle punch and an even smaller circle punch. The best suggestion I’ve seen so far is fairly simple and to the point. Cut out two large, 1.75” circles. Have one be diaper white, and re-punch it to form a waist line. Cut out a 1” circle, a heart, a shortened word window and 5 standard-sized punches. Create a curl for their hair using a half inch circle that has been punched with a standard-sized punch to form that curl. Your pacifier can be made using a heart punch with the tip punched with a standard punch. Form the ring using a standard punch in the center of a Crop-a-dile hole. From there, you simply put him together!

                You may be more into creating your own art across the background of your scrapbook. You can use punchers to create cut outs and stencils! For a stencil, simply punch it out with thick cardstock paper and spray or paint over it. For a cute die cut, you can punch out various sized shapes and pair them together to create a fascinating embellishment across the cover of your scrapbook. From there, you can add other decorations and creations to your scrapbook for an amazing cover!

                Punches are amazing. They are meant to give you a means of decorating just about anything! You can use punched out imagery for cards, envelopes, scrapbook pages, banners and so much more. They function easily and with great speed, delivering a perfectly cut out image in the paper of your choosing. There are some ways to ensure that your image comes out perfectly every time. First, try using a pencil to make light lines that will allow you to align the punch area with the center of your sheet. Simply make some top and side lines to make sure that it aligns perfectly. You should punch some wax paper a few times to lubricate your puncher. This makes it easier to cut through thicker paper, like cardstock. You can sharpen the puncher by using it on aluminum foil a few times as well! These are only a few tips that can help your puncher enjoy a longer life, and you can get more out of the puncher as well! Scrapbookers will love to create amazing punches that can add the best look to their creation, really leaving you with a work of art.

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